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I started home brewing as a Student in 1997 when I lived in a student hostel in Nuremberg. I'm a mechanical engineer (focus on manufacturing engineering) but my engineering 'ticket' is not recognised in Australia. That doesn't bother me.
I worked as a technical writer and illustrator for more than 6 years. I'm a handyman and prefer to work in the trades. So in 2001 I designed and built my first 70 litres brewery...

I also developped tools and programs in XLS, Java-Script and VBA to design and to calculate your (home) brew...

After almost 40 years which I lived in Germany, paying tax for almost 25 years. Now the time has come for a bigger change.
In 2007 I applied for a permanent resident visa for Australia and after 8 month of waiting period I got it!
Now I pay tax in Australia...

What's new, what's next?

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New Software (is coming soon):

  • Beerdesigner (english)
  • online Beerdesigner
  • Beerdesigner - extract only
  • Hops calculator



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